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Žižkovo nám. 3, 506 01 Jičín
tel: +420 493 532 750
tel: +420 720 997 605
tel: +420 602 544 975

About Jičín in Bohemian Paradise


Jičín is regarded as an attractive Access to Bohemian Paradise. This cosy town is surrounded by beautiful countryside with plenty of various strongholds and castles, sandy rocky formations, ponds, deep forrests, amazing valleys and highlands with view-towers.

Town of Jičín is flourishing as a urban conservation area with large historic town reserve. You will be concerned for Empire square and its pitoresque arcade and old public fountain, or by castle of Albrecht of Wallenstein as well. The square is dominated by Valdice tower /52 m/.

If you reach the top of its 152 steps, you can enjoy a magnificent view of landscape in proximity to Jičín with all its typical peaks as Zebín or Veliš, that are the nearest. Far away of them you can catch glimpse of Giant mountains (Krkonoše) as well.

If you prefer view of close Veliš, you catch here sight of Jizerské hory, of Kunětická hora, of Orlické hory, town of Poděbrady, Bohemian highlands (České středohoří) and of TV transmitter tower of Praque in Žižkov.

The most attractive arrea of surroundings of Jičín are Prachovské skály – sandy rocky formations. Near of them you can also take a bath in ponds of Jinolice.

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