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However you travel, by bike, train or by car, or if you only walk, everywhere you can understand, why is this region called Bohemian Paradise.

In proximity to Jičín you can find strongholds Trosky and Kost. You can also visit castles Valdštejn or Hrubá Skála. You will surely admire pitoresque architecture in small town of Sobotka or autenthic spirit of sandy formations in Prachovské Skály or Hrubá Skála. There are many others in this region.

Bohemian Paradise is one of the most fascinated places for your recreation in the Czech Republic. If you choose it for your holiday, you´ll come soon again - not only to visit favorite places in your heart, but to discover the new ones as well.

There is also posibility to ride a horse in the surroundings. Bohemian Paradise is loved by climbers as well. You can enjoy the landscape of Bohemian Paradise, if you accept the offer of sightseeing flights of airport club of Jičín.


Tips for trips and cultural events in Jičín and surroundings:


Prachov rocks

The Prachov rocks www.mesto-jicin.cz are the most well known part of Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise) Located north-east of the town of Jicin, 'Rocks Town' is formed by sandstones, which are created by deposits of sand at the bottom of the Mesozoic sea.

You can also visit the remains of Parez medieval castle, and enjoy many breathtaking views of the landscape.

Castle Staré Hrady u Jičína

Join us in a fairytale quest to save Princess Laskonka. In the castle, take refuge from dragons, friendly, yet scary trolls, and many other fairytale creatures.

A real Princess or a witch will show you around; from the cellar to the roof tops. On visiting the castle you will find a bunch of new fairytale friends, competitions and quizzes.


Castle Trosky

Castle Trosky is the dominant landmark of Cesky Raj. It is the remains of a medieval castle, built around 1390. The taller and slimmer tower is called Panna (maid) and the smaller wider one is called Baba (old woman or hag).

Around the taller tower is a viewing deck which is open to the public, and offers breathtaking views of Cesky Raj.



The castle resort of Detenice (www.detenice.cz) has a lot to offer:

The castle brewery will guide you through the history and current procedures of brewing beer. You will also get a chance to taste the lager and dark beer right after it has been made!

The Baroque castle has 14 originally furnished rooms, featuring a unique collection of weapons used by Maltese Knights, and a collection of paintings from the Baroque era.

The Medieval pub offers a medieval show from 7PM, which includes fakir, belly dancers, swordsmen, and a great fire show.

Hiking in the mountains

Jánské Lázně www.janske-lazne.cz is rated as the second best spa town in the Czech Republic. It has an interesting history, and is located at the bottom of Cerna Hora (Black mountain).

To reach its summit (1299m above sea level) you can use a cable car. The summit is also an ideal starting point for many hiking routes which take you across the highest Czech mountains; the Krkonose.

We can offer the map of region of Jičín, where are marked all strongholds, castles and churches: